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No bedtimes to bird-dog. For many working mothers, business trips become mini-vacations. The simple pleasure of unbroken sleep and an uninterrupted meal can feel like an indulgent getaway for these women burdened at both ends. Experts say that mothers travel on business less often than fathers, but more mothers are in the workforce than ever before, and a recent study by the Travel Industry Association in Washington found that 43 percent of business travelers in were women, up from 39 percent in At the Park Hyatt Los Angeles during the 5-top.

To be sure, not all businesswomen relish a break from family life, and even those who savor a night or more away say they miss their children mightily and hightail it home. Interviews with female business travelers suggest, too, that work trips require a great deal of preparation on their part to ensure the smooth running of the household, from leaving checks for piano teachers to mapping out detailed schedules for husbands and baby sitters to follow.

For the newest mothers, the relief from predawn feedings is offset by the hassle of pumping breast milk. But the allure of business trips for women is all the greater precisely because women tend to be the primary managers of the nitty-gritty of home life, segueing from the corporate world to the domestic realm. In Miami, where she stayed at the hipper-than-thou Delano Hotel, she had to wait for a rush package to be delivered.

Yet, like other working mothers, Ms. Borzacchiello, who travels every six to eight weeks for two to four days at a time, also finds the trips emotionally fraught.

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  7. Erin M. The mother of an month-old boy, Ms. Fuller is in constant motion herself, crisscrossing the country for meetings and fund-raising.

    When she must hit the road, she tries to return the same day or to at least get back before her son awakes the next morning. Instead I went screeching out of the hotel parking lot to try to get a flight that would get me home to Washington by midnight.

    More unusual is her rule that if she has to be away for more than two nights, which is the case about 25 percent of the time, she takes her son along. Her husband, a venture capital finance consultant, has a flexible work schedule and is thus able to go along as well to chaperone their son. View all New York Times newsletters. But even Ms. Other mothers say the logistics involved in preparing for a business trip can leave them in need of a real vacation.

    Stacy I. Hirsh, who travels in spurts, making 5 to 10 trips a year. Then there is a different sort of guilt that arises not from whiny children so much as the half-concealed judgments of colleagues and clients. Skwarek, who has 6-year-old twins and an year-old.

    While working mothers may not squeeze in an extra day of sightseeing, they can, and do, zealously safeguard their evenings. Like the Larchmont mother of a year-old daughter and year-old son who is a managing director for a bond insurance company in Manhattan. And oh, how very, very great is the need for you in a world of crumbling values where the adversary seems so very much to be in control.

    Mother Teresa

    I have great respect and admiration for you young women who have come into the Society rather recently. You have largely weathered the storm that beat about you in your youth. You have kept yourself unsullied from the world.


    You have kept yourself free from the taints and stains of unrighteousness. You are the very flower of the good, maturing youth of the Church. You have made it thus far, clean and beautiful and virtuous. I compliment you most warmly. I commend you women who are single. You have known much of loneliness. You have known anxiety and fear and desperate longing. But you have not let this overcome you. You have gone forward with your lives, making significant and wonderful contributions along the way. God bless you, my dear sisters and friends.

    Tonight I cannot talk directly to all of you. I have singled out one segment of this vast congregation, and that is you who are mothers. I might include those who will become mothers. What a wonderful thing you have done as mothers. You have given birth and nurtured children. You have entered into a partnership with our Father in Heaven to give mortal experience to His sons and daughters. They are His children and they are your children, flesh of your flesh, for whom He will hold you responsible. You have rejoiced over them, and in many cases you have sorrowed.

    They have brought you happiness as no one else could.

    Motherhood Quotes

    They have brought you pain as none other could. By and large, you have done a remarkable job in rearing them. I have said many times that I believe we have the finest generation of young people that this Church has ever known. They are better educated; they are better motivated; they know the scriptures; they live the Word of Wisdom; they pay their tithing; they pray. They try to do the right thing. They are bright and able, clean and fresh, attractive and smart. These are very substantial in number. More of them go on missions than ever before. More of them marry in the temple.

    They know what the gospel is about, and they are trying to live it, looking to the Lord for His guidance and help. But I regret to say that so many of our young people fall between the cracks. They try one foolish thing after another, never evidently satisfied, until they are pulled down into a pit from which they cannot extricate themselves. Some of our own are among these, and it is you mothers who bear the burden of sorrow that flows therefrom. They are your sons and daughters. And so tonight with the hope that I may be helpful, I plead with you.

    In some cases it may be too late, but in most cases you still have the opportunity to guide and persuade, to teach with love, to lead in paths that are fruitful and productive and away from those dead-end situations which bring no good. You have nothing in this world more precious than your children. When you grow old, when your hair turns white and your body grows weary, when you are prone to sit in a rocker and meditate on the things of your life, nothing will be so important as the question of how your children have turned out.

    It will not be the money you have made. It will not be the cars you have owned. It will not be the large house in which you live. The searing question that will cross your mind again and again will be, How well have my children done? If the answer is that they have done very well, then your happiness will be complete.

    If they have done less than well, then no other satisfaction can compensate for your loss. And so I plead with you tonight, my dear sisters. Sit down and quietly count the debits and the credits in your role as a mother. It is not too late. When all else fails, there is prayer and the promised help of the Lord to assist you in your trials.

    But do not delay. Start now, whether your child be six or I am told that there was recently held in this area a great gathering which attracted 10, young people.


    I am satisfied that some of those young people were our own. They were loathsome and downgrading.

    They were representative of the foulest aspects of life. There was no beauty in them. There was only ugliness and depravity. It was sleaze in its worst form. In many cases that money came from their parents.

    The Scientific Reason Moms Are Super Tired You've Never Heard

    Similar things are going on across the world. Some of your sons and daughters make it possible for the promoters of such filth to prosper in their evil undertakings. Last Sunday the Deseret News carried a detailed feature story on underground drug parties that go by the name of Rave.

    They run from until of a Sunday morning. Here young men and women, in their late teens to early 20s, dance to the metallic beat of so-called music pouring forth from stacks of amplifiers. I know of no better answer to these foul practices that confront our young people than the teachings of a mother, given in love with an unmistakable warning.

    There will be failures, yes. There will be heartbreaking disappointments. There will be tragedies, bleak and hopeless. But in very many cases, if the process begins early and continues there will be success and happiness and love and much of gratitude. Opening your purse and handing a son or daughter money before you rush off to work will not do. It may only lead to more evil practice. Teach your children when they are very young and small, and never quit. As long as they are in your home, let them be your primary interest. I take the liberty tonight of suggesting several things that you might teach them.

    The list is not complete. You can add other items. Teach them to seek for good friends. They are going to have friends, good or bad. Those friends will make a vast difference in their lives. It is important that they cultivate an attitude of tolerance toward all people, but it is more important that they gather around them those of their own kind who will bring out the best they have within them. Otherwise they may be infected with the ways of their associates. I have never forgotten a story that Elder Robert Harbertson told at this Tabernacle pulpit.

    He spoke of an Indian boy who climbed a high mountain. It was cold up there.

    more on this story

    At his feet was a snake, a rattlesnake. The snake was cold and pleaded with the young man to pick it up and take it down where it was warmer. The Indian boy listened to the enticings of the serpent. He gave in. He gathered it up into his arms and covered it with his shirt. He carried it down the mountain to where it was warm. He gently put it on the grass. When the snake was warm it raised its head and struck the boy with its poisonous fangs.

    The boy cursed at the snake for striking him as an answer to his kindness. Warn your children against those with poisonous fangs who will entice them, seduce them with easy talk, then injure and possibly destroy them.