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A first conviction will see the perpetrator registered for ten years. If convicted a second time, his name and data will appear for twenty years. A third conviction of white collar crime will earn a lifetime registration.

People who commit white collar crimes tend to be in positions of financial or legal management. They can be stock advisors, lawyers, or accountants.

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White collar crimes tend to be committed by educated professionals with seemingly good credentials. Financially related crimes can be focused on acquiring funds in an illegal manner. They also occur when a person involved in asset management desires to keep control and not lose access to funds. The crimes are theft by deception rather than force.

The Utah White Collar Crime Registry does not take the place of any sentence, or court ordered restitution for persons convicted of theft by deception or defrauding people and corporations of funds. It is designed to identify and warn future potential victims of the history of those listed on it. Individuals who are on the registry have been convicted of at least a second degree felony.

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It can be found online by a targeted search. The purpose of the registry is not to introduce new information but to highlight the people who have committed the most serious financial crimes. The registry is a tool for both the public and law enforcement to use in avoiding further misconduct and fraud.

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Information is derived from judicial records after a conviction of a white collar felony of the second degree or higher. Your email address will not be published. Once that gets in their heads, they should then see the registry for the absolutely useless waste of time, money, and effort that it really is and hopefully that any changes to it will only make it more so. So, perhaps he was Registered properly and just took off on a trip? I do know that he was charged with FTR as part of all this perhaps just because of being in Florida.

Officers reported Caylor was on felony probation from Georgia in July after he molested a year-old, for which he claimed to be falsely accused. After he said he came to Panama City to relax, he told investigators Hinson came to his room to ask for a cigarette. But, it is not helpful to know. Further, obviously no one has any right to know. I think it is easy to point out the stupidity of trying to keep Registered People RPs out of schools, for example. They just have to. That is literally the only way to keep anyone safe.

Allowing RPs into schools does not change that need at all.

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Supporting Registries is very PC. I think the way to destroy the Registries is to make it not PC. That is what is important to most people — what other people think of them. So it needs to be demonstrated that moral, smart, informed Americans do not support Registries. Losers do. This is already too long but I just wanted to share something that is relevant that I wrote for a few hundred people elsewhere.

The rest of this post is that:.

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It also demonstrates that Registries are not just worthless, but much worse, in that they certainly distract and divert from actually protecting people as should be done. No one has attempted to answer the questions because the answers prove that Registries are dumb. People just want to have their un-American jollies and never bother to have to have a war. Then I will answer the questions.

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I invite any big government lovers to do the same. This is the scenario:. Say you have two neighbors — one is Registered and one is not. Do you care? Which is more dangerous? Can you treat the two neighbors any differently? For your safety, should you? Good case regarding your point that registration occasionally leads to other, more serious offenses. Guessing Caylor was not an absconder, based on the article not mentioning it if he were.

Further guessing that his FTR charge came after his arrest for this murder, probably for the sole purpose of locking him up again in the unlikely event he was acquitted or otherwise released. Georgia does things like that — I know from experience. All I was saying was that, despite popular opinion, absconders are not out committing more crimes.


There are tons of stories of absconders being arrested and charged for FTR, but I have yet to find ONE that reports anything to the effect that the absconder was caught during the commission of another offense, that he was found to be an absconder during the investigation of another offense, or that he was identified as a suspect in another offense after his FTR arrest. I suspect that even if an absconder is arrested for another crime as opposed to FTR or status offense , there would be no credible indication that the new crime would not have occurred had the accused reported and updated as required.

No legislator introduces something just for fun. He obviously has some sort of passion about the topic. It may be trying to save UT money, it may be he sees what a sham and scam registries are. What I do know is there has now been two legislative sessions in UT where someone has spoken up about what appear to be easing up on registry BS. That is where my optimism lies, in the long term. Thanks for the absconding clarification. There is not a law anywhere in the world that can stop someone hellbent on doing something. Reform has only recently become a cause yet you are making blanket statements about reforms.

AJ points out solid progress in the reform movement. It is as big a mistake to think that there is no progress as to believe that no progress can be made. If someone is not incarcerated, then they are not a convict though they may have been convicted of a crime. ML, you have it exactly right.

Who needs a government of, for and by the people when you have databases to follow every heartbeat in the union. All catalogued and cross referenced to the Nth degree, with millions of different permutations. If the K.