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The Pitkin County Jail has a zero tolerance for sexual abuse, sexual harassment, and sexual misconduct of any kind.

Skip to Main Content. All constitutional rights ruled appropriate for inmates by the United States Supreme Court are provided. The Pitkin County Jail makes available services and programs to enhance physical and mental wellness and encourage self rehabilitation and successful re-integration to society for all inmates.

The Pitkin County Jail is a flexible and evolving institution which responds to legal, humanitarian, and intelligent programs for change.

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At the time it was the first direct supervision jail of its size in the country. The Pitkin County Jail recognizes that under the Constitution of the United States, persons who are confined in a presentence status are considered innocent in the eyes of the law, until proven guilty. Fundamental to the treatment of sentenced inmates is the concept which recognizes that persons are sentenced to jail as punishment, not for punishment. He chose a design that incorporated a new concept called direct supervision.

Direct Supervision The philosophy behind direct supervision provides for the creation of a more normalized jail environment as opposed to the socially abnormal environment found in traditional jails. Inmates who are unable to conform to these standards of behavior are separated from the general population in a more restrictive environment.

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Amenities The direct supervision environment in the Pitkin County Jail includes windows that allow in outside light, carpeted floors to reduce the noise level, as well as cost effective non institutional furniture and porcelain toilet fixtures. Inmates are allowed out of their cells from 8 a. Inmates are free to move about their day-room or the multipurpose room, read or watch TV, play cards and otherwise interact. Detention Officers have regular direct contact with the inmate population inside the housing area. Inmates are housed in individual 65 square feet cells.

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Each cell has a window to the outside. Inmates have direct access to collect phone calls, mail service, regular exercise periods, and visits. Food Balanced, hot, varied, dietitian approved inmate meals are provided daily, through an agreement with Aspen Valley Hospital Nutritional Services Department.

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It was also theorized that privately run prisons would be held more accountable, because they could be fined or fired, unlike traditional prisons although the counter point is that privately run prisons are not subject to the same constitutional constraints that state-run prisons are. Private prisons are big business, with annual budgets in the billions, and there are several large players in the private prison business such as Corrections Corporation of America, the GEO Group formerly known as Wackenhut Securities.

Corrections Corporation of America alone owns more than 65 correctional facilities in the U.

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  • While the benefit provided by privately run jails may not match the rhetoric that came with them in the s, there have been benefits associated with turning control of prisons over to private companies. The U. Department of Justice's National Institute of Justice found that private prisons had a higher quality of services than traditional prisons.

    Top 3 Differences Between State & Federal Prison

    One of the most perverse incentives in a privately run prison system is that the more prisoners a company houses, the more it gets paid. This leads to a conflict of interest on the part of privately run prisons where they, in theory, are incentivized to not rehabilitate prisoners. If private prisons worked to reduce the number of repeat offenders, they would be in effect reducing the supply of profit-producing inmates.

    Prisons and Prisoners

    While some studies have demonstrated that private prisons may save governments money, other studies have found just the opposite. A study by the U. Bureau of Justice Statistics found no such cost-savings when it compared public and private prisons. This is in part because simple numbers don't tell the whole story. For instance, privately run prisons can refuse to accept certain expensive prisoners, and they regularly do. This has the effect of artificially deflating the costs associated with running a private jail.

    fensterstudio.ru/components/tocekuka/xalo-rastrear-telefono.php Whether you are in a private or a government-run jail, a constant concern is the way that inmates are treated. The Constitution guarantees certain rights regardless of who operates the facility. If you know of a situation where an inmate's rights might have been violated, such as being denied necessary medical treatment, you may want to speak with a civil rights attorney about filing a claim.